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BIBU Demokratiakiihdyttämö

Democracy Accelerator

In addition to research, BIBU also advances concrete democracy innovations that improve citizens’ opportunities of participation. The Democracy Accelerator  is a platform and developer community open for everyone. The goal of the Accelerator is to make Finland the leading laboratory for democracy development. The Democracy Accelerator experiments, gathers and shares solutions that improve democracy. 


The Democracy Accelerator is for those who

  • Want concrete support and advice on advancing democracy and different participation methods in their community
  • Want to share their own democracy improving experiment or solution and hope it to grow and spread out
  • Are looking for a community of people who are interested in democracy development

The Democracy Accelerator consists of

  1. Democracy related experiments developed in BIBU and other SRC (Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland) research projects
  2. An online platform that collects together different democracy improving experiments and gives concrete advice on how to test them
  3. Events and training for sharing learnings and discussing democracy development with visiting international experts and others interested in the theme.

In the years to come the Democracy Accelerator will also produce research on democracy experiments. 

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For more information about the Democracy Accelerator please contact contact:


Julia Jousilahti

+358 40 722 4931

Join us in making Finland the most vibrant laboratory for democracy development!