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BIBU Talk 18th of May 2019

Urban Peripheries, Communal Bubbles, No-go zones? Finnish, Swedish and Russian Suburban Estates in a Comparative Context

1967 . Kontula.

Saturday May 18th 2019 5 pm
Kontula Electronic 2019 Festival, Kontula Shopping Centre (Ostostie 4), Luuppi Youth Activity Centre

This BIBU Talk will provide an in-depth view of the suburban realities by researchers based in Malmö, Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

Suburban estates have occupied an ambivalent position in urban geographies throughout their history. Situated in the grey area between the city and the countryside, urban anonymity and strong sense of community, they are rarely visited by outsiders but their reputation has reached far and wide.

At the event, we aim to establish a comparative perspective on the different trajectories of urban transformation in Finland and its neighbouring countries. All speakers have studied socio-spatial development, formation of communities and solidarities and the questions related to segregation.

Professor Per-Markku Ristilammi (Malmö University) has concentrated on the changes in Malmö’s Rosengård and construction of alterity in the city since the 1990s, Professor Venla Bernelius (Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies / Urbaria) is an urban geographer whose work has focussed especially on segregation and schools and Dr. Olga Tkach (Centre for Independent Social Research / St. Petersburg) has conducted long-term ethnographic research about neighbour relations in the high-rise residential complexes on the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

The event will be chaired by BIBU researcher Dr. Pekka Tuominen. Tuominen has been studying the urban transformation of Kontula anthropologically and is one of the organizers of the Kontula Electronic festival.

The Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment Anni Sinnemäki will join the session for her comments on the topic.

The program for Kontula Electronic can be found at the festival's website.

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